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Indulge in the coffee excellence with our exclusive selection, featuring the finest beans from the renowned Yirgacheffe to the exquisite Guji region. Experience a journey through the rich and diverse flavors of Ethiopia, meticulously curated to deliver unparalleled quality in every cup.

Roasted Ethiopian Coffee



We specialize in providing single-origin Ethiopian coffee, celebrating the unique flavors and characteristics inherent to each region.



Our expert roasters curate blends that encapsulate the diverse tastes and nuances of Ethiopian coffee, resulting in distinctive and rich flavors.

A collage of coffee beans showing various stages of roasting from raw through to Italian roast


From light to dark roasts, we offer a spectrum of roast levels, allowing customers to choose according to their preferred taste profiles.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. We offer a wide variety of coffee products, brewing equipment, and accessories. We also offer a variety of educational resources to help our customers learn about coffee and brew the perfect cup at home.
We are committed to transparency and are proud to share our sourcing information with our customers.We believe that informed consumers can make a difference in promoting sustainable coffee practices and supporting women in coffee-growing communities.
We hope this updated content reflects our commitment to sustainability and women empowerment. We believe that by sourcing high-quality coffee beans responsibly, empowering women in coffee-growing communities, and continuously innovating to reduce our environmental impact, we can create a positive impact on the world.

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